Create an album proof with your ShootProof account

Create an album proof with your ShootProof account

Album Parrot is integrated with ShootProof. But what does that really mean?

Now your clients can view their album design together with your ShootProof gallery in one window. You and your client can drag and drop photos from your gallery onto the album spread to create their feedback.

Album Proof Example

The main part of the window shows your album spreads, with the linked gallery display in a scrolling panel underneath

How do you create an album proof with your ShootProof account?

There are three steps to create an album proof:
1. Spreads: Upload your album spreads that you would like your client to review. From here you can link to individual spreads in your ShootProof account, or upload them direct from your computer.
2. Gallery: Upload or link your photo gallery. From here you can link to your “event” or “album” in your ShootProofaccount.
3. Branding: Upload your logo, and set the colours that match with your branding.

Let’s have a closer look at how you link your gallery to your spreads. In this example I have an event: “Jane Wedding” and within it I have albums such as “Rehearsal”, “Wedding Day” and “All Photos”.

<a href=ShootProof Event” />

The first time you try to link a ShootProof gallery, you will be asked to connect your account. Once this is done, your event and albums will appear, and you can select the album or event that you would like to link. Once the gallery is linked, any changes you make to that gallery on ShootProof will be automatically updated on your Album Parrot proof.

Album Parrot Step 2

After you have done this you are done. In our support section we have a more detailed guide of how to create an album proof

The advantage for your client is that they do not need to jump between album design and gallery when leaving you feedback, they do not need to worry about file names since they are automatically recorded when dropped into a feedback window and they can give visual feedback on the spread. Your client can of course do all this on their iPad as well.

As a photographer, the you can shorted then time between designing an album and your client making an order. This can be financially important as the couple is more emotionally attached to the album the closer it is to their wedding day. You can also take the album design and convert it into an “app” for mobile devices such as iphone and ipad. This is a great way to give your clients something extra or even sell them an “electronic version” of the wedding album. They can of course share the app, so all their friends and family – which in turn means that all these people have your contact details in their phone. A powerful marketing tool.

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