Album Proofing.

Integrated with your gallery.
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Make life easy for your client

Save your client time by integrating your gallery with your album proofing. No need for you client to copy filenames or jump between different windows to give you feedback.

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One View

Show your album design draft and gallery in one proofing window. Save your client the hassle of jumping between multiple screens.


You can link your galleries to from Shootproof, Zenfolio, Pixieset, Cloud Spot, Instaproofs or Smugmug to your album proof. No need to upload photos twice.

Visual Feedback

Create moveable conversation notes on top of your album proof. Visual feedback for visual people.


The user interface for your client is supported in many languages – English, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese and more.

Make an app

Turn your finished album into an app for mobile devices. Enable your client to brag about your work in an easy way!

Drag 'n' Drop

Photos from the gallery can be dragged onto your album proof, automatically inserting the filename as a comment. Reduce the number of proofing rounds to gain approval

Album Proof + Photo Gallery

When your client is viewing your album proof then they will see your gallery just below it. They can drag and drop photos onto the spread to leave you comments. No need for them to go to a gallery page or write down filenames. When they are done you will receive an email with all their comments (including filenames).

Generate Mobile App

You can also save your design or photos as a mobile app. Works for iPhone and Android. It is a great way to generate word of mouth of your customers. If they will have an easy way to show their photos then they will. With a few clicks you will be able to send your client a link where they can save their app to their phone.

Album Proofing. Integrated with your gallery.

More time for client. More time for you.

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Album Parrot is light and colorful as an experience to us, ever since we started using it. Being in the wedding photography Industry for 7 years, I can vouch for the amount of goodness that a quality product like Album Parrot does to our lives.

Album Parrot is a great tool for marketing and showing of my work. My clients love it and they love showing of their images to their family and friends.

Album Parrot has proven invaluable to me. In my opinion, the best album proofing solution out there. No other product allows me to integrate my online galleries with my album drafts, enabling my clients to make changes to their album in a way that’s simple and intuitive for both of us. I couldn’t do without it.