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Top 3 Tips for Album Design from Tiny Posers

Albums are very popular in my studio and I absolutely love creating beautiful keepsakes for my clients. I have a lot of sample albums in my studio and clients love to flip through them; this also helps to sell albums.

Some photographers find album design a daunting task, I love it!

Here are the few things I do to make album design as pain free as possible.

  1. I have simple and clean templates that I use all the time, my album design is never complicated. I focus on a single image per page most of the time; keeping the layout clean and simple I force the viewer’s eyes to focus on what’s important. My rule is ‘Less is more”.
  2. I start designing an album with clients at their ordering appointment, then finalise and design a cover. This saves me a lot of time when they need to proof it, I hardly ever have to change anything.
  3. For me an album is a story teller, so I look for a flow. Think about your album as a story.

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