Mar 31
Winner of #SpreadingKarma (video)

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The #SpreadingKarma campaign is now over. We have two winners for Way Up North. Before we share who the lucky winners are I wanted to show all contributions - they are all really fantastic:

  1. Ana Martinez Ana Martinez – recycled bottle caps with the goal to help children with health problems.

  2. Jonas Burman - free family and portrait session for a couple who has been together 10 years

  3. Zandra Erikshed - A box of chocolate to the kids seeking asylum who recently moved to my village.

  4. Esther Fu - free engagement session

  5. Nico Alcala - free session for a graphic designer

  6. Michelle Behr - free family session

  7. Sioned Birchall - free session for a performing art student

  8. Nia Davies - free family session for a fundraising event

  9. Juliana Wiklund - four family sessions (total of 860 USD) that went towards Solars who had 2 kids with serious lunge disease

  10. Stina Nilsson - donated blood

  11. Laya Sadegh Photography - raised money to two fellow photographer (Matt and Katie) who were in a car accident 14 months ago.

  12. Stefan Hellberg - free photo shoot for an artist where he works.

  13. Isabelle Hesselberg - free family session who has a child with a life threating disease.

  14. Joe Hall - gave a superman outfit to the cousin who then enjoyed the fact he had superhuman strenghts

  15. Jelena Medic - free photo session for kids

  16. Åsa Wiklund - a previous wedding couple had twins and one didnt make it. Gave a free shoot to the family.

  17. Hannah Stevens - free engagement session for Adam and Vicky

  18. Jesper Anhede - helped a 13 year old boy to stay in Sweden after been told to be deported. This story actually is complete and they boy got to stay!

  19. Lucy from My Heart Skipped - dating portrait session

In the video you can see the winner ..... ..........