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Win tickets to Wedding Photography conference "Way up north" - 13,14 Oct in Stockholm

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Welcome to the campaign #SpreadingKarma

Please note - this competition is now closed for entries. The winners will be announced in the next few days!

As you may, or may not, know there is an amazing wedding photography conference taking place 13-14th of October in Stockholm (Sweden) - it is called Way up North. We are giving away two tickets along with a whole years Studio subscription to Album Parrot! Each ticket is worth €395 and the subscription €59.99 - pretty sweet!

If you have already purchased a ticket and win this ticket then the great news is that you would be refunded your own money or if you do not plan to attend the event then you can still participate and give the tickets away - pretty neat, as everyone can participate!. As we don't want anyone walking empty handed we will also give all entrants a 25% discount for any annual Album Parrot subscription.

We will also make it worth your time to participate! Not only because you will get a ticket for both days but something else which cannot be measured in money even - good karma!

Before we get to that I want to make sure you know about the event itself. We do not even need to convince you of why you should attend this event. The list of speakers speaks for itself (pun intended)

Andria Lindquist
Chrisman Studios
Ed Peers Photography
Fer Juaristi Wedding Photographer
James Moes
Jasmine Star
Jonas Peterson Photography
Nessa K
Rock 'n Roll Bride
Samm Blake Photographer

Now, how can you win that ticket?

In order for us to 'give' you a ticket we ask you to "give" as well. It is pretty straight forward:

  1. Do something good for someone else. I.e buy food to a homeless, give away a free head shot for an artist, donate clothes to an organisation, donate some blood. An action that does not result in you earning money but something much bigger - getting good karma!
  2. #SpreadingKarma. Encourage other photographers to participate and get a better karma! We know it means more competition for the tickets but also means "good" will be done. Price worth paying, we think. How you pay it forward is up to you - if you want some ideas then blog, social media or start nominating your photographer friends are some effective ways. Just use the hashtag #SpreadingKarma on any social media - that way we can find it easily.
  3. Post your story on our facebook page: http://facebook.com/albumparrot or send us a message on twitter @albumparrot and show us any kind of evidence that you have done something - that way your name will be in the 'hat' for winning a ticket.

Your entries will also appear on our booth in Stockholm where we hope to see you in person!

How do we choose the winner?

It is important to know - if your good deed is big or small does not matter - everyone will have an equal chance. All names will be put into a hat and then two lucky winners will be drawn. The closing date for entries is 29th March at 12 noon GMT. Winners will be notified by way of a message on the platform they have used to enter.

The best thing about this campaign is that if you do not win a ticket then at least you will have good karma! Now, make sure you #SpreadingKarma!

Disclaimer: if less than 15 photographers participate in this then the campaign will be cancelled.

Look forward to meet you all soon!

John & Magnus

Album Parrot