Jun 22
Convert Album Proof into an App

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As a wedding photographer myself I wanted to share how I use one album parrot's feature in my workflow. After a photo assignment I always do the following:


The first 4 steps are pretty standard for most professional photographers (even though they are done using different tools). I would like to focus on the last and final step in the workflow. After you have completed your album proofing you can convert it into an app.

You will give your clients an album that they can have on their iphone/ipad or other mobile device. Of course, if you don't have an album you can also upload your favourite photos and only create an app. You can can upload your JPEG files directly from your hard drive or import your photos directly from your ShootProof/Zenfolio/Smugmug gallery. We will generate an app that you can share directly with your clients. This will create the word of mouth about your work and add a cool factor for your clients.

Within a couple of minutes you have created something that will stand out from your competition, allow you clients to easily access their photos on their mobile device to show their friends and family and it will of course carry your brand. You are enabling your clients to share your work with their friends and family. This is the most powerful marketing that exists. Someone is more likely to look at your work knowing their friend was happy with you from before. All this is achieved with a few clicks.